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Why do I need Buzz Kill?

You need Buzz Kill because you’ve been through the ordeal of an infestation and the trouble of dealing with it yourself. Angry swarming pests impervious to your ineffective yet expensive can of widely available pesticide; we’ve seen it countless times. You need Buzz Kill for the convenience and for the peace of mind. You need Buzz Kill because you deserve a spring and summer without the threat of bees and wasps.

What about Honey Bees?

Rest assured that we at Buzz Kill work closely with local beekeepers if ever we come across a swarm of honey bees. We DO NOT exterminate honey bees. We will contact a local beekeeper who will then be in contact with you to remove the swarm safe & sound.

How Do I Prepare for a Buzz Kill Visit?

All you need to do on your scheduled treatment day is to close your windows and doors. Should you have a fenced back yard leave a gate unlocked so our treatment professional can access the back of your home. Afterwards just allow one hour for the treatment to dry and your family is safe and protected.

I Have Bees Already, Can Buzz Kill Help Me?

Yes of course we can! Our treatment will kill your bees and wasps and will prevent them from returning for the rest of the season.

Is it safe?

Yes the Buzz Kill Treatment is safe. We use only EPA registered pesticide that you can be assured will not harm your family or pets. Just allow one hour for our specially formulated Treatment to dry and you and yours will be both safe and protected.

What if the bees return?

This is an unlikely occurrence. However, it may happen due to extraordinary environmental circumstances that negatively impact our pesticide. Should the pests return simply give us a call and we will remove them free of charge to you.

Do I sign a service contract?

No! You are not obligated under any service contract to receive more than one Buzz Kill treatment. One and only one treatment, that’s the Buzz Kill guarantee.