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We have four different services for you to choose. Please click the SERVICES tab on the left and choose the one you need.

Full Service Prevention Package

Full Service Prevention Package - $159

"With Our Full Service Prevention Package you pay a small Price for HUGE piece of mind! Buzz Kill will come to your residence and apply a barrier spray to your home and any other areas you may be concerned about i.e. sheds, decks, swingsets, & garages.This barrier spray will deter bees from nesting on your home, and even if you should come across a ground nest or two we consider it all part of this care-free package. On the rare chance that bees penetrate our protective barrier all you have to do is alert us (call, email, or text!) and we will return and remedy the issue FREE of charge. We absolutely guarantee this package through the end of September! An entire summer worry free!"
Active Nest Removal

Active Nest Removal - $75

Buzz Kill will come out and swiftly eliminate an active nest for just $75. Skip the risk of getting stung and let the pros handle those angry bees!
Wood Destroying Bees

Wood Destroying Bees

We know the absolute destruction that carpenter bees do to a deck, beautiful beams, pergolas, porches, barns, and the list goes on! We've dealt with one carpenter bee to complete infestations and provide simple prevention to protect your investment. Please contact us to that we can build a custom plan for you to protect your property wih a preventative treatment OR to have us eradicte an infestation. If you have a deck, beautiful porch, gorgeous beams, or anything wood, then BUZZ KILL is the #1 solution! Contact ustoday!
Mosquito Control
"We know how frustrating it can be when mosquitos start buzzing around. We want you to enjoy your yard and relax on your patio this summer with minimal to no mosquitos. Buzz Kill has a couple options to protect your family and pets from the danger and annoyance that mosquitos exude."

Continuous Mosquito Defense

Our professional applicator will apply this dependable mosquito control solution approximately every 21 days. This will kill mosquitoes on contact and continue working for up to 3 weeks depending on weather elements. The continuous defense plan offers you optimum protection for your friends and loved ones.
We will:
  • Spray approximately every 21 days during early morning or early evening hours.
  • Notify you when we're due to come to your residence and we will leave notice that we were there.
  • Protection for up to one acre is ONLY $65 per treatment.
  • Have more than an acre that needs treated?CONTACT US!

Special Event Spray

Don't let mosquitoes crash your special event! Show them they're not invited by having Buzz Kill come out for a one-time treatment that will eliminate or greatly reduce your mosquito population. Our professinally applied treatment will stop the mosquitos before they become a total BUZZ KILL for your guests!
  • Applied 24-48 hours prior to your event. Dries in approximately 30 minutes and once dry is safe for people and pets.
  • Special event sprays start at ONLY $100 for up to an acre.
  • Need more than an acre treated?CONTACT US!